CNN Media malfeasance Media Skullduggery

Kellyanne Conway hands Wolf Blitzer his own rump: “I used to respect you”……..


Anyone who views CNN as a credible news source on US politics is a fool…


See, Blitz, the problem with comparing Kellyanne & her husband to Matalin & Carville is that latter couple were BOTH professional commentators – among other jobs. THAT’S what made them quotable against each other. Mr. Conway’s husband is a “nobody”. Nobody goes to him for daily thoughts on anything except Trump when it can be used to embarrass Ms. Conway. Who, btw, Blitz – is way smarter and more erudite than you ever were, even in your best days which were, sadly, a very long time ago. Pack it in old man. Nobody really cares what you have to say anymore. Look at your ratings…..

The Right Scoop:

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway UNLOADS on Wolf Blitzer for asking her to respond to husband’s comments…

Wolf Blitzer got an earful this morning on CNN after he played the comments of Kellyanne Conway and then turned around and asked her to respond to them:

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