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In the Hong Kong dispute, the US Leftist media shows its true colors, it’s biased and Chi-Com red………


Recently, a friend of mine passed along a note describing his observations on the discourse/news reporting or lack thereof, of the standoff between the Chi-Com mainland and the hapless demonstrators in Hong Kong.

In the tiny landmass of Hong Kong, Chinese people are demonstrating against the most populous, tyrannical government on earth.  They are demonstrating for freedom.
If the protesters were Palestinian Arabs, the news media would be all over this 24/7. Moreover, the Palestinians only seek one basic freedom: to murder Jews with impunity. Freedom as we know it does not exist anywhere in the Arab League of States.
Thesis: The Hong Kong freedom demonstrations are being under-reported.
We can debate WHY this is so. What we know from our own observations is this: If these protesters were Palestinians, the news media would be all over it with 24/7 headlines.

He has an excellent point.


If “Hu was a Jew”, the situation would be blaring on our flat-screen TV’s and smartphones in continuous news-loop. There would be massive protests organized instead of the makeshift demos on the steps of some parliament houses. The Left and its media would be relentless in their pursuit of their “man on the street” interviews, photo ops of families grieving for their loved ones, politicians and human rights activists elbowing each other to be first in line for their cameras calling for UN resolutions condemning this or that action.


But what do we really hear and see, a few odd reports, some photos, and an occasional video feed. In other words, bupkis!


Remember this the next time the fraud media-ocrity spam your social media devices with pictures, videos, and screeds about the “poor Palestinians”. Ask yourselves why in the world weren’t they so hot and bothered about the brutal Chi-Com regime’s heavy-handed tactics against the supporters of freedom? Ask yourselves why are they supportive of/provide propaganda for those who have no interest in organizing their own civil state, being content in destroying the lone Jewish one?


Those of us who have followed the Arabs’ conflict against Israel over the years have cut our teeth on exposing the false news and false narratives (actually indistinguishable from each other) used against the Jewish state. We were outing the media’s biased and outright flagrant reporting long before the term “Fake News” was cornered by the current US president.


So it’s not new to us.


Those of you who are just coming to grips with the term should see it for what it is, just the same old vinegar but in newer sacks. The media these days are the same frauds as in times past. It’s good to remind ourselves of that, or at least learn about it for the first time.

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