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Jewish leaders appalled by Swedish anti-circumcision legislation……..


I agree that they should be…


This is a case in which I break with the Swedish Democrats and take a dissenting view. The state has no right to stick its nose into the religious practices of citizens regardless of their objections to the ritual being based on “protecting children”. As long as the practice has no effect on the health of the child the state needs to butt out.


I have debated this with some of the members of the SD over the course of the last 10 years, and I have yet to see a convincing argument that would change my mind. As for the supposed suffering of the child due to cutting of the foreskin, that argument washes thin due to the fact that coming through the mother’s birthing channel is far more traumatic than the slicing of a piece of skin, and I remember neither.


As far as Muslims are concerned, they take an already developing child, 3 yrs or more of age and commit the practice, which is far more traumatic than anything I’ve already explained. Perhaps some tinkering with legislation is warranted here. On the whole, however, the state needs to stay out of the private affairs of its citizens, you open a mighty wide gate for more statism if you do not slam it shut. I would submit to the Sweden Democrats that I know, rethink your position.


Jewish leaders appalled by Swedish anti-circumcision legislation

Conference of Presidents condemns Swedish political party which voted in favor of banning circumcision.


Arthur Stark, Chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, condemned a Swedish political party which voted to change its official stance in favor of banning circumcision.


“We are appalled to learn that a political party in Sweden has proposed a ban on non-medical circumcision of infant boys. This proposal, put forward by members of Sweden’s minority Center Party, would be an outrageous violation of religious freedom and civil rights,” said Stark and Hoenlein in a statement.


“The Conference stands with Sweden’s Jewish Central Council in condemning this blatantly discriminatory legislation. We call on the government to reject this initiative quickly and absolutely,” they added.


The Swedish Center Party voted on Saturday 314-166 at its annual meeting to work to fight the non-medical circumcision of boys. Party chief Annie Loof was among the party leaders who criticized the vote.


The Center Party received approximately 8 percent of the votes in last year’s national election, earning 31 seats in the 349-seat parliament. It broke with its center-right alliance earlier this year and now backs the left-wing ruling coalition, though it’s not officially part of the bloc.


The vote drew fierce debate in the country between advocates, who say circumcision infringes on children’s rights, and critics, who say a ban would threaten the country’s Jewish and Muslim populations.


Last year, a leader of the Sweden Democrats party submitted a draft motion calling for a ban on non-medical circumcision of boys, which the text claimed is “backward” child abuse.


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