Farage: ‘Liberal’ EU Is ‘Killing and Destroying’ European Democracy…….


That’s exactly what the EU has done, killed democracy, i.e. real representative government…


When I first moved to Finland, a brouhaha had erupted over government decisions being discussed and agreed upon in saunas after official government business and concluded during the day. Women were outraged due to the fact that no women were present at those unofficial meetings, just men. Government “Sauna-meetings” ended. What takes place in the halls of the EU are much worse, that culture has seeped into Finnish politics and political life. All the sleaziness and back door, smoke-filled room deal making that takes place would make your head spin if you were privy to it.


Farage: ‘Liberal’ EU Is ‘Killing and Destroying’ European Democracy


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said that the self-professed “liberal” European Union in fact “crushes” democracy by taking the power away from European citizens and giving it to a political elite.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Mr Farage, who led his Brexit Party to European Parliament election victory last week, how it is considered a “liberal” position to remain in the “German Empire, which is basically what the EU is,” rather than for the UK to seek independence and freedom.


Mr Farage responded: “Because they claim that, as a European Union, they will deal with climate change. They claim that because they have open borders, this is the modern and liberal approach to the future.


“What they don’t tell you is they are literally killing and destroying something.


“Something so important that, just next week, we are going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, when America and Canada and others came to our aid, helped up liberate Europe from Nazism to bring back something called ‘democracy’.


“And what the European Union does, it crushes democracy, it takes decision-making powers away from ordinary people and gives it to un-elected bureaucrats.”


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