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Sweden: Muslim org files complaint after discovering Mo-toons…….


The poor dears…


Seeing that Sweden ranks 2nd in the Islamicity Report, which “substantiate the observation that Western countries better reflect Islamic institutions than do countries that profess Islam”. So they should feel a good measure of confidence that they’ll get the police working 24/7 on their case.


Sweden Muslim Foundation Files Police Complaint After Mohammed Cartoons Discovered


A Muslim organisation in the Swedish city of Växjö have complained to local police after claiming to have found posters in an area of the city that caricatures the Muslim prophet, Mohammed.


Members of the Växjö Muslim Foundation made reports to the local police saying that they had discovered several posters depicting and insulting the prophet Mohammed in the Araby area of the city in Nydalavägen, Hjalmar Petris road and the Ulriksberg promenade, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.


Police spokesman Robert Loeffel labelled the posters as being offensive to the local Muslim community but did not divulge what was actually portrayed on the posters themselves. The police did say that they were considering the posters as a crime, describing it as hate against an ethnic group.


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