Finland: SDP leadership informs that their newly minted pro-Iranian antisemite Hussein al-Taee to remain on sick leave till end of June……..


What’s happening here is damage control…


The SDP leadership are waiting for the final formation of the government before tackling this issue. Losing that seat would cause the SDP a significant headache in trying to push any perceived ‘mandate’ once the government finally coalesces. It’s not too far of a stretch to conclude that this is a purely political move, not anything to do with any mental depression or illness.


Al-Taes sick leave continues – at least until the end of June

Originally, al-Taee was to be on sick leave until the end of May.


First-time parliamentarian Hussein al-Taee’s sick leave continues says the SDP says in a press release.


Sick leave has so far been set until 30.6. Originally, al-Taee was to be hospitalized till the end of April.


Al-Taee, elected to the Parliament from the constituency of Uusimaa, received 4,246 votes in the spring parliamentary elections.


Previously, al-Taee worked in the Finnish conflict resolution organization CMI, founded by Martti Ahtisaari.


Brouhaha over Facebook posts

Al-Taee’s Facebook writing came up in April, when it was discovered that he had previously published writings that disparage gays, Jews, Somalis, and Sunnis.


Al-Taee apologized for his writings and said that he does not think like that anymore.


At the beginning of May, Antti Lidtman, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for the SDP, said the sick leave was associated with the brouhaha over the writings.


According to Lindtman, the SDP parliamentary group is dealing with al-Taee’s writings and the uproar that arose from them only after the sick leave. Lindtman also said that during the sick leave al-Taee would not participate in the work of the parliament or his parliamentary group.

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