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Sri Lankan MP calls for burqa ban to prevent terrorists covering up their identity…….


I’ve always used that very same argument, the burka or niqab are security risks…


When it comes to hijabs, shopowners and businesses should be free to discriminate against these sharia-supremacists just like they do against morons sporting Nazi or Communist symbols.


Sri Lankan MP calls for burqa ban to prevent terrorists using face-covering garment to cover up their identity

  • Professor Ashu Marasinghe posted a picture of the proposed bill on Facebook 
  • Sri Lankan MP said the face-covering garment is not traditional Muslim attire
  • Comes as PM Ranil Wickremesinghe warned there are more militants ‘out there’

A Sri Lankan MP has called for the burqa to be banned across the country to prevent male and female terrorists using it to cover up their identity.


Professor Ashu Marasinghe, who is a member of the United National Party, declared on Facebook that he was going to present a private member’s bill about the issue.


Posting a copy of the bill, Marasinghe said that the garment is not traditional Muslim attire, reports Ada Derana.


He went on to claim that both male and female terrorists have used the burqa in the past while committing atrocities. Marasinghe also called for the niqab to be outlawed.

On Easter Sunday, 321 people were killed – including at least 45 children – when seven suicide bombers attacked three luxury hotels and three churches.


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