Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A look inside the jihad bomb workshops…….


Forget the “revenge” analysis, it took a long time for this crew of Islamonazis to build, plan and eventually carry out their murderous deed. My take, the Easter bombings of Christians was planned many months in advance…


Inside factory where Sri Lanka jihadists plotted to slaughter Christians: ‘Mother of Satan’ explosive used in attacks ‘were made in workshop owned by one of the suicide bombers’


The bombs used in the Easter Sunday attacks are believed to have been made in a copper factory in Wellampitiya, a north-eastern suburb of Colombo (pictured).


The factory was owned by businessman and father-of-four Inshaf Ahamad, who blew himself up at a hotel.


Sri Lankan police raided the copper factory last night and took nine suspects – including the manager – into custody.


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