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Clinton emails found at Obama White House………


What this means is, Obama lied saying he had no knowledge of Hillary’s illegal server…


Setting up a totally unsecured server on her property with the intent to withhold government related email traffic from voter oversight. IMHO, her husband’s “pay for play” speaking circuit by which foreign donors were promised ”this and that” during a Hillary presidency, was the driving force behind setting the server up. The present administration has barely scratched the surface of the scandal, which was one of the reasons why going after Trump, to knock him out of office was so aggressively pursued.


Judicial Watch: FBI Found Clinton Emails At Obama White House

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 1:11 PM PT – Tuesday, April 23, 2019


A top FBI official has confirmed Hillary Clinton’s missing emails were found in the Obama White House.


Assistant FBI Director Bill Priestap admitted under oath the bureau had found 49,000 Clinton emails at the Executive Office of President Obama.


The new revelations are according to a statement made Tuesday by government watchdog group Judicial Watch.


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