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Seth Frantzman @ JPost: Do Not Accept The ‘Retaliation’ Narrative For Sri Lanka Analysis…….


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Remember, the Sri Lankan government knew about the warning of potential jihad attacks since 1pril 4th, with the police issuing an alert 10 days prior to the attack, yet they basically did nothing to prevent it. They are face-saving here.



After the Christchurch attack references to the perpetrator’s “manifesto” were largely absent and there were calls to ban the manifesto or make it difficult to find online.



 APRIL 23, 2019 16:19
On Tuesday Sri Lanka’s Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene stated that a preliminary investigation had revealed “that what happened in Sri Lanka was in retaliation for attack against Muslims in Christchurch.” This is now being widely reported as fact. However, just as the Christchurch perpetrator’s stated motives were not accepted as a narrative, neither should the propagandistic motives of the Sri Lanka attackers be given credence.

In Sri Lanka the movement away from examining how the perpetrators were able to assemble their bombs and how they were able to penetrate various venues, despite security warnings that were known since April 4, is an important part of the investigation. The assumption that one of the most complex and deadly terrorist attacks in history could have been planned after the March 15 Christchurch attack in “retaliation” has not been proved. How could terrorists, of which there were at least eight suicide bombers, have planned a attack within two weeks, since information about the threat first surfaced on April 4, when the attack plan was already in motion. In addition there is no reason to accept the theory that murdering innocent people in Sri Lanka can ever be in “retaliation” for something that happened in Christchurch.

By repeating the claims of the perpetrators and giving their claims credence the “retaliation” narrative risks excusing their acts and providing a reason for it, without taking into account the ideology of hatred that drove the attack and the likely more complex way in which the attack was planned. Skepticism is important in addressing the claims both of local officials, who are under withering criticism for not doing more about the April 4 warning of attacks, and being skeptical of the early narratives being put forward.


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