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J.E.Dyer: NBC asks Sarah Sanders if Trump owes Mueller an apolog: “Democrats accused Trump of ‘treason.’ “……!


The whole farce reeks to high heaven, yet the #fakemedia keeps ginning things up for ratings…


Sarah Sanders: Democrats accused Trump of ‘treason.’ Why she has a definitive point

Sarah Huckabee Sanders swung back hard on Monday at NBC’s Savannah Guthrie in an interview in which Guthrie asked if Trump owed an apology to Robert Mueller.


The Hill transcribed Guthrie’s question:

“For the last two years, the president has absolutely eviscerated Bob Mueller, a lifelong public servant, a former Marine, a registered Republican, I might add” Guthrie said to Sanders. “He’s called him a national disgrace, discredited, a prosecutor gone rogue who oversaw a gang of thugs.”
“Did Robert Mueller deserve better from the president than this kind of language and behavior?” she asked.


The short summary of Sanders’s response would be “No.”

In her longer one, Sanders argued that the American people deserved better than what they got from “Mueller, the Democrats, and the media.”

Guthrie tried to press the issue, and Sanders let fly:


“Are you kidding?” Sanders responded, saying that Trump’s rhetoric “matches” that of the media and Democrats.
“[They] have called the president an agent of a foreign government,” Sanders added. “That is an accusation equal to treason, which is punishable by death in this country.”


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