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Finland’s largest film distributor Finnkino pulls Finns Party 6 min campaign ad, now says “it crosses the line”…….


Yeah, right, they now say it “crosses a line” after initially approving the distribution of it…


I’ve seen the entire video, and I believe that the film goes to the heart of what’s ailing Finnish politics in general, corruption. Being entangled in the EU system has had a devastating effect on politicians and politics in general. What’s happening today renders the closed (to women) unofficial sauna political board meetings where no minutes were being recorded, as child’s play. Blue smoke and mirrors, backroom deals and lots of cash symbolized in the Finns Party campaign video mirrors what’s going on here, and FinnKino pulls the film. Shame on them.


NOTE: With literally dozens of cases of foreign (mainly Muslim) men on trial (+ convictions) for aggravated rape and sexual assault of underage Finnish girls, FinnKino now complains that the ad targets foreigners. Somehow they didn’t spot it when they initially approved of the ad. Also, the Marxist-leaning state broadcaster Yle, deep down they approve of the ban. So much for being the supposed vanguards for freedom of speech.


Finnkino backpedals on Finns Party ad


Helsingin Sanomat reports that cinema chain Finnkino will pull a Finns’ Party ad campaign from its cinemas on Tuesday. The six-minute long video depicts politicians and journalists taking bribes and foreigners preying on women and children.


Critics said the ad — showing Finns’ frustration growing into a vengeful beast attacking decision-makers — crossed the line.


While Finnkino initially said their ad selection board had no problem with the video, they later withdrew it, taking to Twitter to say the company doesn’t stand for racism or discrimination.



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