Sweden: Police irate over airport allowing illegal migrants jobs with access to secure areas…….


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Sweden: Illegal Migrants Given Jobs with Access to Airport Secure Areas


Cancelled flights of Scandinavian Airlines SAS are seen on the info board at Arlanda airport north of Stockholm, Sweden, June 13, 2016. SAS cancelled 230 flights from Stockholm Arlanda airport affecting 27000 passengers following the ongoing pilot strike. / AFP / TT News Agency / Johan Nilsson/TT / Sweden OUT …


Swedish police have expressed outrage after details emerged that three illegal migrants from Uzbekistan were given cleaning jobs within the secure areas of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.


The three illegal migrants were employed as cleaners for the police at the airport and were able to move freely back and forth from the secured areas of the airport. This week, after preliminary investigations, the police found that none of the three migrants had valid work or residency papers, Expressen reports.


The investigation came after several officers at the airport claimed they could not speak with the cleaners and that the three individuals were not doing the proper work. It was later discovered that only one of the migrants had a work permit that had expired in 2017, while the other two had no papers at all.


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