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Finland: Former Muslim Anter Yasa exposes extremists at Andulas Islamic Center of Helsinki…….



The Islamic extremist Patriarchate is in Finland – Do you think it should be crushed?


Andalus Islamic Center published an Islamist picture degrading women. Then deleted it and published an “apology”, which was even worse.


(TT: The Finnish text reads: This is why the Hijab plays an important role in Islam)


On Tuesday, the Andalus Islamic Center of Kastelholm, in Helsinki’s Puolinharju area, published on Facebook ,7.1.2019, a picture of two suckers. One was uncovered, dirty and covered with flies, the other wasn’t.


This is how they present women.

“This is why the Hijab plays an important role in Islam”.


The same Islamists use analogies, there are several versions of the “Islam lollypop Hijab” search term:



Islamists think that an uncovered woman is literally dirty.

Listen to what the islamalists themselves say. The actors who run the Andalus Islamic Center in Finland admit that they are dirty and covered with flies. They tell a woman is responsible for the harassment she has experienced.


Even a portion of Muslims themselves are indignant over the Islamic extreme Patriarch propaganda:



(TT: Translation: “As a Muslim, I see this as insulting. Not just against Muslims but against women as well. This not only a sexualization and objectification of women, but it also presents sexual harassment as a woman’s responsibility. Just how low of a representation this gives of Muslim men?”

This kind of thinking is in Finland and, as a child, I was told that without a headscarf, I’m like a caramel without a cover, when insects (described as men) rounded around me. Talk about sexual objectification. An uncovered woman was dirty and attracted these insects)

And what kind of picture does this give to men or of Muslim men in general? Men they are lowered to that of a herd, self-disciplined and rut insects that flock around the uncovered women. Is the given image accurate? What about why it is a woman’s fault and responsibility to wear the hijab if men are like that?

It did not miss it – the Islamic Centre published the “Andalus Islamic Center”. ‘ apology and clarification ‘, which only exacerbated the situation and raised more degrading attitudes towards women. Below are their clarification:
Newsletter starts here-


It wasn’t left there.  – Andalus Islamic Center – released a so-called. “Apology and clarification”, which only exacerbated the situation and brought out more insulting attitudes towards women. Here’s their clarification:





In the name of God, the merciful.


Many people have interpreted our previous hijab post negatively, and at this point we need to clarify our purpose and our general views.


Our intention was certainly not to present a disrespectful comparison of Muslims, non-Muslims, men or people in general.


The publication was thoughtlessly copied from another site where we knew it was meant to be taken lightly, rather than being a “literally” understood metaphor.


However, we are happy that the posting created a discussion. We thank everyone for your inadvertent posting your comments to the discussion, and we apologize if it violated something. It really wasn’t our purpose.


As an afterthought, the post was badly chosen for the message we wanted to convey. We’re sorry.


We fully agree with the response in the commentary section of the publication that hijab can be presented more beautifully and smarter, and we feel that at least a brief explanation of our views is at this stage more than enough.


The message that we really want to convey regarding hijab, women, and affective teachings is this:


Women and all people are precious individuals in front of the Creator, regardless of their religion, even though the religion chosen by the people of God is Islam. Hijab’s purpose is to cover the part of the woman’s beauty that God has ordered to be covered.


[Anter Yasa: In this paragraph, the extremist patriarchs of the Andalus Islamic Center say directly that a woman must be covered.)

The fact that a woman does not use hijab does not make her a worse woman than another, because true goodness is in the hearts and only the Creator sees in the hearts of men as the Prophet Muhammad (saws) has said:


“God will not look upon your appearance and your external being, but He will look into your hearts.”


However, there is no doubt that a woman who uses hijab in accordance with Islam and behaves decently and decently protects herself and her glory better than the one who shows the beauty that God has ordered to hide. And still, the most important thing is not the external affairs, but the good intent and will in the heart, sincerity and fear of God.


(Anter Yasa: “In this paragraph, the extremists of the Andalus Islamic Center say that a woman must be chaste and decent, protect her honor, and hide the parts of her body that God has ordered.”)


It is therefore possible that a woman not dressed in hijab is more decent and honorable than a hijab dresser, if a woman not dressed in hijab is otherwise more fearful, more moral and more respectful to God.


However, dressing in   Hijab is a matter of God’s wisdom. Hijab is in itself a valuable, beautiful, and God-beloved affair that is the duty of every Muslim woman.


(Anter Yasa: In this paragraph, nonetheless, the extremists of the Andalus Islamic Center say that a hijab is the duty of every Muslim woman.)


The beauty of a woman (as well as the man’s handsomeness) is a feature created by our Creator, one of which is to attract men to create a true bond of love between women and men. Islam teaches that this natural attractiveness between man and woman, and the desire for each other, is complemented by legal and moral marriage in God’s eyes.


[Anter Yasa: In this paragraph, the extremist patriarchs of the Andalus Islamic Center say marriage is only a “chaste” thing between a man and a woman.)


Why do people keep jewels in their chest or hidden from everyone’s eyes ? Why are valuable things generally kept hidden or not reachable by everyone to a general gaze and touch?


In Islam, a woman is a precious gemstone whose beauty is not meant to be seen by all eyes . In that sense, that image of the sucker was a very bad “parable”, and rightly in many people aroused indignation.


(Anter YasaIn this paragraph, the extremists of the Andalus Islamic Center use a rather general Islamist argument to compare women to dignified property, which must be hidden from the eyes of others.)



In Islam, the beauty and charm of a woman is reserved for the only person who really loves and values her, her husband. Therefore, the value and honor of a woman in Islam is given great significance, which is manifested, among other things, in hijab dressing.


“The Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and believing women that they should put on a covering garment ; this is the most appropriate way to see them as honorable women , so that they are not intrusively approached. God is forgiving and gracious. ”(Translation of the meaning of the Qur’an, 33:59)


In this chapter, the Andalus Islamic Center extremists are quoting the Qur’an. Ironically, the Quran does not tell you that a woman should just wear hijab, niqab or burkha. The Qur’an speaks of a ‘covering garment’, which is a man’s duty to wear for women and girls. 
This also implies that an unruly woman is unworthy.


Things can be interpreted from many different perspectives, and while our careless posting really did not entitle Hijab and its beautiful purpose, we hope that our publication will better clarify our views.


However, much of our time tells us that in western countries, women’s nudity is done for millions in business , and the use of a woman’s beauty to promote merchandise is seen as subjugation and abuse of women, but when an Islamic organization inadvertently publishes an ambiguous image, we get quick accusations of subjugation and oppression of women and a lack of respect for women.


In this chapter, the extremists of the Andalus Islamic Center are trying to bypass the mistake they made by whataboutism, raising the hatred of the Western culture hated by Bilal Philips to the hate culture of the Western world. 
This rhetoric appeals to ignorant Finns.

Yes, there are a lot of Muslims who subjugate women and don’t value them, just like non-Muslims. People are individuals and make sins and mistakes regardless of religion, culture and ethnicity.


We would be happy to see more comments and more active participation in this discussion and in all our publications. It is also polite to give positive and constructive feedback, and not to make one mistake and swell.


And let us remember to forgive others and try to see each other’s good intentions. Let us also try to give many excuses before we start judging and accusing others too much and before we have tried sincerely to find out what one has meant by his words, deeds or behavior.


May the Creator protect us all from oppression and subjugation, and give us all the guided, sincere, and cleanse our hearts of sins, lusts, and all evil. God forgive our transgressions and weaknesses and show us the right direction so that we do not get lost and do evil to ourselves and others.


The harsh conversation started with a hijab that particularly affects women. Decide this scripture on the words of a Muslim woman, which summarizes her view of what Hijab means to her:


“For a Muslim woman, hijab offers some kind of empowerment . It is a personal choice to dress modestly and in accordance with the instruction of a sexless Creator. It is the choice to proudly defend religion in itself, to make its own faith open, independent, and courageous. ”


(Anter Yasa: In this paragraph, the extremists of the Andalus Islamic Center use a rather general Islamist argument about “empowering women who are veiled”. In fact, in the world, most Muslim people live in countries where they live as a ghost. There is no freedom of choice. Muslim women who freely use the veil are privileged, fundamentalist and a minority. Free choice only takes place in Western countries. The primary task of feminists in Saudi Arabia and Iran, the world’s leading Sunni, and Shiite countries, and the women’s organizations, is to liberate themselves from the Shia Law. 
Millions of women in these countries are fighting against the extremists.)


We wish everyone the blessing and guidance of the Creator!




Facts about Bilal Philips:

  • Bilal Philips is someone who is banned from many EU countries and recruits into terrorist organizations.
  • He has demanded that homosexuals be thrown down from the roofs, and in 2014 the Philippine police questioned him about being a terrorist organization. However, in 2016, Isis distanced himself from Bilal Philips in an attempt to cover the connections and condemned him as “unjust.”
  • Bilal Philips has taught Islam in schools in Saudi Arabia. According to Philips, Western culture is an enemy of Islam.
  • According to Philips, rape within marriage is not a rape, but a woman has a duty to have sex with her husband whenever she feels so.
  • He has defended suicide bombings. He later apologized for his public statement on suicide bombings.
  • //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilal_Philips

Quote Quran 4:34 concerning women’s rights:

الرجال قوامون على النساء بما فضل الله بعضهم على بعض وبما أنفقوا من أموالهم فالصالحات قانتات حافظات للغيب بما حفظ الله واللاتي تخافون نشوزهن فعظوهن واهجروهن في المضاجع واضربوهن فإن أطعنكم فلا تبغوا عليهن سبيلا إن الله كان عليا كبيرا – 4:34

“Men are responsible for women [right] what God has given to another and what they spend on [their] maintenance. So the righteous women are righteously obedient and guard the [husband’s] absence that Allah would bring to them. But those [wives] you are afraid of arrogance – advise them; [if they continue], reject them in bed; and [finally] hit them. But if they obey you [again], don’t look for anything against them. In fact, Allah is always praised and great. ”

No Finnish / Western feminist movement, party or women’s organization, nor an active one, said anything again. It was strange, right? Is not.


Not to mention Islam, nowadays, Islam must not be criticized even if Muslims do it themselves. Islam has a special place in the heart of the Western feminist. On the other hand, the Finnish “feminist” activists were condemned by the Islamic ääripatriarkaatin, they have now released a couple of days of me untrue statements, according to which I have some sort of evil monster who wants to tear women scarves to get. This is absurd. My entire family are Muslims. I’m trying to bring ääripatriarkaa liberal, feminist up as a refugee, and I have written over the years more of the article, which I condemn the veil bans completely. Here, for example, the article I wrote in the journal of free thinkers in 2016: The media circus revolving around the Burkese ban was a gift from God to radicals.


The Feminist Party has been strangely focused on silencing the feminists in the Middle East and those who bring up Islamic extremism. Everyone can go and read what I have written and said.


I have left a request to the to the police concerning feminist party vice-Chairman Tuuli Kamppila for the offensive and false issues and hate campaign against me. She has spread it to entire party and to her thousands of followers that I present a narrative that I would use to target women who use the veil. I have never done so.


I have specifically brought up the publications, words and concerns of the forced Muslim women. This ominus attitude is understandable, as the Western “Feminists” are completely ignorant and reluctant topractice the intersectionalism that they call daily on the rights of millions of forced Muslim women. Instead of raising issues of the universal, extremist patriarch, they are focused on labeling me, liberals and feminist refugees.


While these so-called “Feminists” were focused on stigmatizing and attacking me: the most famous feminists in the Middle East and I did everything to save the life of a young woman who had escaped Saudi Arabia’s extremism. 




Of course none of Finland’s so-called “feminists” mentioned the courageous young woman who had the courage and the freedom to go to the Muslim women of Saudi Arabia who are under their millions of male caregivers.


The tolerance of the eye gazing, subjugating extreme patriarchy is now the moral compass. The more you tolerate and protect the Islamic extreme patriarchs with eyes closed, the more “feminist” you are in Finland. It’s backasswards, but true. I predicted their smearing and their attacks in my postings, where I brought out thousands of publications by Muslim women about forced compulsion, and I was surprised by the silence that arises from Finland’s so-called “Feminists”.




So I am not at all surprised by this flaw. I’m just extremely ashamed and encourage the feminist party, which has a history of taking Islamists in its ranks,  to reflect a little on your deeds and your active operation. Now you’re playing to the extreme patriarch’s agenda, and your action will not stand the test of time.


I believe that there are still genuine universal feminists in Finland. Keep sounding out. Do not let these people who are the most submissive in the world be advocates for the religious extremist patriarchate spreading in Finland. Fight for your rights, and allow the same rights for the millions of women who are controlled in a tyranny.



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