Islam in Australia

Australia: Convicted Islamonazi sentenced to hang in Iraq begs government for help, “I wants to come home”…….



“I’d like to go back to Australia,’’ he said.

He claims he knows nothing about the crimes convicted of!

Sydney terrorist Ahmed Merhi sentenced to die by hanging

Sydney terrorist Ahmed Merhi has begged Australia for help after he was sentenced to death in a court in Iraq.


The 27-year-old former Granville Boys High School student, part of a large Sydney family, was convicted in the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad of being a member of Islamic State.


He was sentenced to die by hanging, with Judge Suhail rejecting his claims he had travelled to Syria to perform aid work.


Merhi accepted the verdict quietly but told News Corp Australia he had been wrongly convicted and wanted to come home, as he urged the country he had turned his back on to help him.


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