Finnish Immigration Service submits acquisition for establishment of new Asylum/refugee reception centers…….


They ain’t done yet…


Neither are the firms (with government connections) racing to gobble these contracts up, public money to made here, no matter what the cost to the civil society in terms of finance and human misery.


LM: Migri prepares for the establishment of new reception centers

Migri has opened a EUR 10 million acquisition of new reception centers.



– This acquisition will therefore prepare for the creation of new reception centers, if such a need arises, Mikko Välisalo, Senior Adviser at the Finnish Immigration Service, tells Lännen Media , among other things, in a story published by Turun Sanomat .


The procurement system is open until August 2021. At this point, potential service providers willing to purchase may submit a request for participation, as required for participation in a subsequent competition.


– The value of the procurement must always be evaluated in the tendering process, even though it is very difficult especially in our operating environment, especially for years to come.


According to him, a purchase value of EUR 10 million has been placed in the contract notice, with the logic that, for example, one acquisition center per year of purchase would be opened through that acquisition.


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