Feminism Fighting Back Finland Leftist Apologizers for Islam Leftist-Muslim nexus

Finland: Ex-Muslim calls out Finnish feminists for failure to defend real women’s rights, “They’re not interested in the least”…….


The very same dynamic happening throughout the West, the Leftist-Islamo nexus, is happening in Finland as well…


Anter Yasa, an immigrant Kurd, who came to Finland as a real refugee fleeing political/ethnic persecution in Turkey. He is exactly the kind of immigrant one would want to have as a neighbor, who values Western ideals, values and fair play (the Golden Rule), and dares to call out those who represent the exact opposite, as well as those who both placate and provide cover for them.


Thousands of oppressed women in the Middle East brought up the extreme patriarch – Finnish feminists not interested in the least.

Thousands of Middle Eastern and African women reveal how they are subjected to the hijab and niqab #freeinhijab hashtag on Twitter.
No western feminist or women’s organization said anything nor did they take any position. The feminists in the Middle East have been left alone because it is more important for the Westerner to be good, tolerant and understanding. That’s actually not it. They call it intersectionalism, but actively deny the intersection of Muslim women subjugated in the Middle East.


Here’s a fraction of the Middle East women’s tweets that tell you directly that they are subjugated and have no rights:



In the Middle East, a feminist revolution is underway against subjugating Islamic extremism, while our feminists have focused on tolerating Islam and silencing women.


When it comes to Islam, western ‘tolerance’ throws the most inconceivable mental backward buzzwords in the name of tolerance, tolerating islamism, subjugation of women, and the extreme patriarch. The culture of another cannot be criticized now.


Those Muslim activists in Western countries who say that Islam is always wonderful and nice have been labelled as ‘progressive’ representatives, and those Muslims who are in the majority and experiencing gross patriarchal subjugation have been completely silenced. YLE is doing this all the time. They bring these Muslims to media attention, who tells us everything is rosy, and there are no problems. Talking about any problems is silenced, about Finns and especially about Islamists.


Finns feel it easier if everything explained to them. The Finns favors this more because they’re not really interested in the rights of women in the Middle East. Armpit hair, self-esteem, and sexuality in the advertising industry are perceived as the biggest problems in finding and helping women in the Middle East. I have read up on how the feminists want to put on the niqab, in order to avoid be sexualized by prying eyes. So also say the extreme patriarchal Islamists.

“In my opinion wearing the niqab in Western countries is an act of feminism. A woman should be able to choose the clothes she wears, even though in Western countries these clothes are not considered suitable”

A very tolerant feminist comment on Twitter.


I stop wondering about this situation and thinking.


It is already evident that these Western-style moralists, who are constantly shouting about day-to-day racism and women’s rights, are not really interested in the universal pursuit of true liberalism and women’s rights.


Finnish “feminists” are fully aware of these disadvantages. They have decided to be silent due to their ego. They have seen how their own reference group treats and stamps those bringing criticism of Islam.


When the overwhelming subjugation of thousands of Muslim women in forced repression causes a reaction in privileged western feminists: “Yeah, I looked, not worried,” but when AtteKaleva was imprisoned by Al-Qaeda investigates jihadism, he is accused of “racism” for weeks. This is the situation with their activism. Protecting Islamists and Jihadists, and dissembling. They are not really interested in feminism and women’s rights. They use feminism to drive their own political interests.

If you, a brown-haired, exposer of Islamist fundraising, a feminist and liberal, can be labeled, screamed about for criticism about feminist rights of the Middle East, How do you think an ethnic Finn will be treated by the lynch mob? They prefer to bring my misgivings to the forefront rather than the patriarchal Islamists themselves.


You are the modern-day Puritans and Conservatives.

You will not tolerate liberalism in the context of Islam. You only want ‘victim Muslims’, whose in their name you can radiate to others your non-existent “virtues”.


These people see more noise about the fictional Handsmaids Tale series, where Christian fundamentalists force women into veils and degrade them into being birth machines. They do not hold any voice when they should talk about the factual and Islamic extremist patriarch in front of the eyes. Not a peep. They are not interested.


I am ashamed, anxious and in disbelief. I am no longer going to wonder though, but bring your privileged and indifferent attitude to the whole world. I have been contacted by dozens of Saudi, Iraqi, and Iranian women. They all thank me for bringing up their grievances in the West. The Finnish feminist, on the other hand, condemns the “Islamophobia” of liberal refugees and tolerates unimaginable things in the context of Islam.


You have shamed yourself.

I will meet with foreign journalists next week and I will tell you everything;  Your attitude on how you treat displaced refugees who do not adapt to the narrow confines allowed for immigrants. Your attitude must be brought to the world to see on how heartless and indifferent egoists you are.

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