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Finland-Sweden: Demographic changes that cannot be talked about, 0nly 68.5% of Swedes are born to Swedish parents…….


Simply put, the wrong people at the wrong time in history are at the top of the political food-chain (decision-making positions) and are wreaking havoc upon our societies, to a point of no return…


Riikka Purra:

Swedes born to Swedish parents are no longer but 68.5% of the population. The largest foreign group to have risen are the Syrians-other strong newcomers are Somalis, Turks, Afghans, Eritreans. Finland follows suit.


Demographic changes that cannot be talked about



There are only about 68.5% of the Swedish population born to Swedish parents.


The largest group of foreigners that have surpassed Finns are the Syrians – other hard-hitters are Somali, Turkish, Afghan, and Eritreans.


Finland is steadily following, but many people just do not believe or know anything about it. Our media says little, and talking about the whole issue one is demonized. As if this were propaganda – Reporting statistics and forecasts.


Mass immigration from developing countries will gradually transform the cities of Europe into being the same– of course, It’s first noticeable in the suburbs. What, then, is Swedish, French or Finnish? Street names and architectures?


Bringing up the matter always turns into left-wing and other identity politics into a question of definition – what is Finnish, whether it is Finnish, and what if one does not eat sausage or go to sauna and ski!


Last time I raised the issue, I ended up with an enormous hostile Twitter exchange and then a NYT liittee , where I was presented as a populist who spreads nonsensical stuff.


I’m not surprised at the fact that many don’t dare say anything about it. Or at all, about immigration. Finns just find out the percentage of residential immigrants when looking for an apartment, compare schools, share information quietly and otherwise hold a tolerant poker face. As such, we Finns are often, kind, unsuspecting (naive) and sensitive.


I am still confident that the average Finnish (or Swedish) man does not want his country becoming unrecognizable. Many will certainly not agree with the assistant professor who told me in the summer that Finland would be Finland, although 100% of its population would be foreign.


Of course, this is not economically possible – the money will run out long before – but now I want to focus on something other than the economy.




I am often cynical, but I have my hopes as well.


First of all, I hope the Finns would dare to look reality in the eyes. Secondly, I hope they will demand action from decision-makers. Thirdly, they would vote on the facts. Fourthly, that the Finnish media would take responsibility for reporting and inform the public about these issues.


Yes, that’s about it, no miracles are needed here.


Another option is to overturn the gloomy snapshot given by blogger Vasarahammer in my blog comments :


No Western European country has succeeded in halting mass migration after it has begun.
Explanations of the [necessity of mass migration] are invented as they are needed. This has happened in every European country that has been hit by mass migration. The explanations vary from labor shortage to cultural enrichment. When no other explanation is enough, multiculturalism is inevitable, or some kind of natural force.

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