Finland: Cutting granny’s hair apparently not enough, mascot asylum seekers Mohammed and Parvi in the dock for rape of young girl…….


Lauded as model asylum seekers, these two set out to prove their patrons wrong…


Asylum activists’ mascots in Jyväskylä court for rape 


In Central Finland’s District Court in Jyvskylä, there will continue again tomorrow the main case of felony rape, in which the suspects sitting on the bench are two war refugees: Abbas Mohammad Ramazan and Parvi Arkan.

So far, there is no more detailed information on the background, but the crime of the title is “Aggravated rape” which can suggest something. When it’s aggravated rape it basically means that the victim is underage and that there was brutal violence involved in the act, or the offense has otherwise been a degree more outrageous. The victim, in this case, is probably from a middle school, it can be inferred from the youth’s background.


What is so interesting that both Abbas and Parvi have been the mascots for the asylum activists in central Finland, and they were presented about a couple of years ago as well-integrated war refugees. At that time, several young men were at the reception center of Jämsä (Jämsän Seutuun). For example, at the Jämsä Center a delightful story was made about Abbas and Parvi, who were tough lads at playing soccer and stickball. Sport, in fact, combined both locals and asylum seekers. According to the article, locals were curious about the people at the reception centre.


In this case, the (suspected) rapists have not been visiting kindergartens but a little at the other end of the human life cycle; Nursing homes and elderly homes. Abbas has been keeping the grannies company in the local nursing home. He was not a useless man, he also knew how to cut the lawn. Also, cutting the elderly’s hair has been practiced […] .


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