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Sweden: Afghan sex offender abused 9 yr old on her way home on a bus……..


Remember, according to Finnish PM ‘Sipi the Clown’, only individuals commit crimes, not demographic groups…


Sex offender 9-year-old girl on the bus – sentenced to 1.500 SEK in fine

Published 30 December 2018 at 19.34

A refugee child from Afghanistan who claims to be 19 years sexually abused a 9-year-old girl on the bus by grabbing her hand and placing it on his genitals. Now the Afghan has been sentenced with a suspended sentence of 1.500 in daily fines and a low amount of damages.


On May 28, 2018 in Örnsköldsvik there was a 9-year-old girl on her way home on a bus when a man from Afghanistan sat down next to her and molested her sexually.


He was also charged with spreading a child pornographic film but was acquitted of the crime, wrote Sveriges Television.


The girl has told the police that she was on her way home and would have taken the bus at 4 o’clock. When she waited for the bus, she saw a man standing looking at her. When the bus came, she stepped on and sat on the back seat of the bus. The man she saw staring also came on the bus and sat next to her.


He started talking and asked her questions about her name, age and where she lived. She replied honestly and he told me what he was called, but she does not mind it because it was “A hard name “. He asked in rough Swedish if he could add her to Snapchat and she replied “maybe “.


The Afghan also took hold of her hand and brought it against his genital organs. He started shaking with his hand and whispered, “feel this, feel here” to the 9-year-old. It lasted for about 20 to 30 seconds. She finally pulled off her hand, but he grabbed it again and put it on his lap. When the bus arrived at her home she jumped off and the unknown man went on.


Later in the evening, at 6 o’clock, she saw the unknown Afghan again. He was squatting at the same bus stop where she jumped off, not far from her home. He had a black leather jacket, white sweater, jeans, white shoes with a USA badge and a red cap with a white letter, black hair and thick pile. She experienced the event as unpleasant.


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