Dhimmitude Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish PM’s New Year’s Eve Message: “Cultivating Hate Speech a Crime, Oulu crimes committed by individuals not by demographic groups”…….!


When every single jihad-rapist/sex groomer has been a Muslim, we’re talking about a specific demographic group of men…


This is what it looks like when a barking mad politician demands citizens “not to believe their lying eyes”. This is the strategy that the main Finnish political parties are embarking on,
“there’s nothing to see here, people are people no matter where they hail from and mass migration from the Middle East is a blessing in disguise. Anyone caught criticizing this policy (and the results of it) is to be deemed a hater, a bigot, and an Islamafauxobe and prosecuted for ‘hate-speech’.”
They also intend to ignore these damaging migration policies in upcoming election debates, silence is to be their modus operandi, coupled with the illogical meme that its individuals who commit crimes, not groups. But ironically it’s these very same political parties who push/promote group rights over that of the individual, insisting that their activists specifically speak for their entire ethnic/social demographic. They want it both ways and reject empirical evidence when it suits them.

 Sipilä in New Year’s Eve Greetings: Cultivating hate speech is a crime


“Suspected crimes in Oulu are committed by individuals, not by demographic groups,” the Prime Minister recalls.

Juha Sipilä
31.12.2018 at 03:00

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Center) recalls in his New Year’s greeting that the cultivation of hate speech is a crime in Finland. In his greeting, Sipilä refers to sexual offenses against minors under investigation in Oulu, where suspects are of foreign origin.


The Prime Minister emphasizes that every person coming to Finland must abide by the laws of the country and respect the integrity of other people.


– This is not up for bargain. Offenders are held accountable for their actions in accordance with the rule of law. In addition, serious crimes have a negative impact on obtaining a permanent residence permit, he says.


At the same time, Sipilä emphasizes that suspected crimes in Oulu are committed by individuals, not by demographic groups.


– I call for events not to be used against anger against refugees or people of foreign origin. I would like to remind you that the use of vigilantism is a crime according to the rule of law, as well as the cultivation of hate speech.



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