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Radical egalitarian Finland: City of Helsinki to process anonymous job applications…….


That’s right, you read the headline correctly. They’ll plan this type of asshattery for the entire country, just wait and see.



 Yes.. Also the CV to be abandoned, that may discriminate between applicants. Jobs can be raffled off. 😆


Yle: Helsinki intends to implement anonymous job search

In an anonymous recruitment, the applicant’s name, date of birth, address, mother tongue and sex are removed from the application.


The City Council of Helsinki yesterday evening decided to urge the City Council to be gradually increasing an anonymous recruitment, says Yle .


In anonymous recruitment, the applicant’s name, date of birth, address, mother tongue, gender, and other information that might affect the recruiting supervisor’s choices are removed from the application. Interview options are therefore made without knowing these things from the applicant.


The city government’s decision was unanimous. The anonymity of the Council of Ministers for job search was made by the leftist alliance, Suleda Said Ahmed .


– It’s great that over half the lines are identified as anonymous, recruitment is of utmost importance for equality. Helsinki looks like this model for the whole of Finland, Said Ahmed told Yle.


Next summer, a new job search system will be introduced to enable anonymous recruitment. In today’s system, anonymization would have to be done manually, which would take a lot of time.


Helsinki is Finland’s largest employer. The city employs some 38,000 people.


Verkko Uutiset

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  1. Well the NG ones will get filtered out at some stage so why delay it?

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