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Bosch Fawstin: From Countering Enemy Propaganda to Promoting It…….


We met the enemy and it is us…



How we produce enemy propaganda against ourselves.

The West, particularly the left, not only believes the enemy’s big lie that “Islam means peace”, but we propagate the lie ourselves. And we do this while blaming ourselves for the Islamic enemy’s jihad on us. This corrupt state of ours began with our pretending that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and superior cultures aren’t superior. It began when we told nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. It began with the double poison of political correctness and multiculturalism, which spawned Islamic correctness. This self-destructive rot in the West allows the enemy to remain undefeated 17 years after 9/11, and it allows many of us to utter “Islam means peace” no matter what Islam preaches, no matter what Muslims do, no matter what horrors we witness with our own eyes.


And our refusal to challenge the enemy’s big lie, besides a number of disparate individuals across the West, and a handful of organizations like The Freedom Center and others, has corrupted the West on all levels, from art, to politics, to news, to media, to academia, to think tanks. According to some reports, Saudi Arabia is considering buying Legendary Entertainment, which produces comic books and movies. And if that goes through, (other reports say Legendary isn’t interested in selling to Saudi Arabia) it is guaranteed to produce more Islam-friendly entertainment. But looking at how Islam-friendly 99% of our entertainment is, why is the Saudi government bothering? They used to have to buy people to kiss Islam’s ass, but now it’s done for free.


In comic books, Muslim superheroes are being shoved down reader’s throats, without demand, and without much interest even from Muslims. In TV, there’s always that kind, wise Muslim teaching Westerners the errors of their ways. And this goes for movies as well, where Muslims are only portrayed as victims or heroes.


Just today, the illiberal New York Times celebrated Mohammad, the warlord founder of Islam whose religion motivates the Islamic enemy’s war on the West. They published a piece of enemy propaganda by a Muslim, Haroon Moghul, called “Happy Birthday, Muhammad.” This is disgraceful. The civilized world’s newspapers shouldn’t be celebrating a warlord whose war continues to murder innocents over a thousand years after his death. A newspaper located in the same city of the worst attack against non-Muslims ever perpetrated by Mohammad’s followers.

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