Finland Pedophilia Rape

Finland: Two underage kids are victims of sexual assault, police seeking multiple perps……..


You always have to wonder when they (police) refuse to divulge any significant characteristics of the perps…


It’s almost unheard of in Finland that children would be sexually assaulted by more than one person. It’s therefore highly unlikely that it’s a case of typical pedophilia. The police are keeping real tightlipped on the case, and it’s not just the identity of the victims they’re worried about protecting, but that of the perps as well. Bank on it.


Two children subjected to sexual assault in Oulu

Oulu police investigate suspected criminal sexual assault against children. The incident occurred halfway through the middle of the month.

In the Tuira portion of Oulu, there has allegedly been committed sexual assaults on children during the weekend.



The Oulu police are investigating the incident. Head of investigation, Detective Inspector Eveliina Karjalainen is silent on the assault against the minor but tells us that there is an ongoing investigation.

– I can confirm that there’s an investigation on what happened in the Tuira area on the 16th– 17th of November, in which two minors are the plaintiffs, Karjalainen says .


According to the Detective Inspector, events cannot be disclosed to the public because it’s an ongoing investigationAccording to information of the weekend in question, police are still looking for suspects, possibly more. On Tuesday, when asked, Karjalainen will no longer comment on any possible apprehension. The investigation director explains why.


We are talking about sensitive issues, and in the interest protecting the victim is so important that it was not intended to have a spokesperson. I cannot go any further than this.


Nor does the police take a position on what criminal offenses it’s examining.



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