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J.E.Dyer: Tear gas on the border, invasion organizers should have known since Obama used it often as well…….


Just like the separation of children from parents until real custody could be proven (in order to keep predators and abuser away), Obama admin allowed the firing of tear gas on the border as well…


It’s all been hyped by the agenda-driven media and Democrat politicians looking to score political points.


Tear gas on the border: Actually, used so often (under Obama), organizers were well aware it was inevitable

Liberty Unyielding noted in an earlier post on Monday that the media seemed to have trouble remembering the use of tear gas on border-crashers near San Diego five years ago, by the Obama administration.


Outraged pundits were instead excoriating Trump for the use of pepper spray on Sunday when a group of over 500 migrants tried an illegal surge through the border fence, pelting U.S. Border Patrol agents with projectiles.


The Washington Times did some research into Homeland Security’s records on the matter, and discovered that the use of both tear gas and pepper spray at the U.S. border has been routine and even frequent for years, including during the Obama administration.


Use of tear gas occurred an average of once a month in the Obama years.


More here.

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