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Agenda driven media ignore significant drop in global temps from 2016-2018…….


Media ignore significant drop in global temps from 2016 to 2018

[Ed. – As the article says, the drop itself may or may not have seminal significance.  The point is more that the media determinedly ignore a trend like this, while wildly overhyping anything that  makes it sound as if “warming” is galloping along.]

NASA data show that global temperatures dropped sharply over the past two years. Not that you’d know it, since that wasn’t deemed news. Does that make NASA a global warming denier?
Writing in Real Clear Markets, Aaron Brown looked at the official NASA global temperature data and noticed something surprising. From February 2016 to February 2018, “global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius.” That, he notes, is the biggest two-year drop in the past century.
“The 2016-2018 Big Chill,” he writes, “was composed of two Little Chills, the biggest five month drop ever (February to June 2016) and the fourth biggest (February to June 2017). A similar event from February to June 2018 would bring global average temperatures below the 1980s average.


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