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African bishop: “Europe is being Islamized because the Church is sleeping……!”


This Father is telling the truth…


African bishop: “Europe is Islamized because the Church is sleeping!”


“Regardless of whether the truth pleases young people or journalists, or delights in the power of the rulers, the Church should never stray from the truth”


Bishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea, a bishop of the diocese of Cameroon Mamfe , of the American National Register of Catholics said boldly that “when we look at the history where the church was sleeping and turned away from the gospel, Islam took advantage of this opportunity and entered in.”


Like so many African bishops, even Fuanya has seen how radical Islam looks. Cameroon is confined to northern Nigeria and Chad, forming a triangle that has been in the hands of Boko Haram, whose Islamic state has been at the center of Islamic horror.


Last autumn, Amnesty International reported that Boko Haram had moved from Nigeria to Cameroon, which meant the proliferation of Islamist terrorist attacks in Cameroon.


However, according to Bishop Fuanya, Europe is not safe from the fate of many African peoples.


“This is what we see in Europe that the church is sleeping, and Islam is overtaking,” Fuanya said.


He noted that when Christianity is deteriorating in Europe, Islam fills it with the void. In addition, the disappearance of Christian Europe will also have a negative impact on the rest of the world.


“When Europe is Islamized, it affects Africa,” Fuanya stressed.


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