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Daniel Greenfield: The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez model loses in the midwest…….


A stiletto socialist’s cuteness” is only a thin cover for the crushing boot heel of tyranny…



If socialism is so popular, why aren’t the socialists winning?

Abdul El-Sayed’s Campaign Is a Test for Leftism in the Midwest,” New York Magazine declared.


That was on Sunday.


On Monday, ThinkProgress called El-Sayed’s campaign one to prove “Democratic socialism can win in the Midwest.”


On Tuesday, socialism and leftism failed the Midwest test.


Bernie Sanders, socialism’s confused grandpa, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, socialism’s new model, had flown out to campaign for El-Sayed’s gubernatorial campaign in Michigan. A Guardian article sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation had dubbed the Muslim socialist candidate, “The New Obama”.


El-Sayed had run on socialized medicine under its current misleading brand of “Medicare for All.” It had proven financially unviable everywhere from Vermont to California. And Michigan’s finances make it an especially terrible candidate for socialized medicine. But socialism is having a moment. Or is it?


Bernie Sanders, Linda Sarsour and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the entire left, couldn’t manage to drag El-Sayed over the finish line in a state with a large Muslim population. And El-Sayed didn’t just lose.


He lost badly.


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