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YouTube comic Markus ‘Count Dankula’ Meechan has vowed to defy Scottish judiciary after attempts to appeal conviction for teaching girlfriend’s pug dog to seig heil salute…….


There’s nothing he has done that hasn’t been done before on UK state TV…



‘I Will NOT Bend the Knee’ – ‘Nazi Pug’ Comedian Count Dankula Vows to Defy Court after Appeal Rejected

YouTube comic Markus ‘Count Dankula’ Meechan has vowed to defy the Scottish judiciary after his attempts to appeal a conviction for teaching his girlfriend’s pug dog to respond to “grossly offensive” commands as a joke.


The politically incorrect comic, a strident anti-Communist who describes himself as a “centre-left libertarian” and clashes frequently with genuine white nationalists online, was fined £800 for a viral video in which the pug, named Buddha, was filmed watching Adolf Hitler speeches and raising its paw in response to the command “Sieg Heil”.


Meechan stated in the video that its purpose was to “piss off” his girlfriend, who thought the dog was the “cutest thing in the world”, by turning it into “the least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi”.

However, the sheriff — a type of Scottish judge — ruled it was “self-evident” that his video was anti-Semitic over the protestations of the accused in a trial without a jury.


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