Dhimmitude Islam in the UK Islamization

UK: Tory lackeys to sharia demand apology from Boris Johnson who accurately described burka as a mail box…….


Sure it’s a political witch hunt, but it also shows the depth the country has subscribed to sharia compliance. It’s a dhimmi state awaiting its eventual islamization…


Also, the very idea that criticism of Islam is a form of racism is absolutely moronic. Those who purport that it is need to be sidelined to the extreme margins of society. Enough with these dimwitted buffoons.


Remainers stick the knife into Boris Johnson as they pile in to demand he apologise for comparing women wearing the burqa to letterboxes or face being kicked out of the Tories

  • Former foreign secretary branded full face covering ‘ridiculous’ in his column 
  • Mr Johnson’s remarks have prompted cross-party calls for him to apologise
  • Remainers across the Tory party queued up to condemn him over remarks 
  • Tory peer Lord Sheikh said he should have the Conservative whip removed   
  • Column came after the face covering ban in Denmark which sparked protests 

Boris Johnson is today coming under growing pressure from Remainers to apologise for his burqa comments – or face being kicked out of the party.


The former Foreign Secretary and leading Brexiteer sparked fury saying that women wearing the head coverings look like ‘letter boxes’ or ‘bank robbers’.


And as the row rages for the third day, a string of Tory Remainers have publicly stuck the knife into Mr Johnson – demanding he apologise.


Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson today became the latest to publicly demand Mr Johnson say sorry for the ‘gratuitously offensive’ comments.


Leading Tory Remainers including party chairman Brandon Lewis, Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt and Remainer rebel Heidi Allen, also demanded an apology.


And Tory peer Eric Pickles, a former Conservative party chairman and minister, today said it is possible Mr Johnson will face disciplinary action over the remarks.


And Tory peer Lord Sheikh, president of the Conservative Muslim Forum, has written to party bosses demanding he is kicked out of the party.


But Mr Johnson has far more support among the public – with a Sky poll finding that six out of ten Britons do not think his remarks were racist.


Tory Brexiteers Nadine Dorries and Andrew Bridgen and ex Ukip leader Nigel Farage, have all defended Mr Johnson over the comments.


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