Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands

Netherlands: Jewish cemetery Zeeburg daubed with swastikas……




Swastika graffiti on wall of Jewish cemetery

At the ancient Amsterdam Zeeburg Jewish cemetery, the external wall were vandalized with Swastikas.  The perpetrator was arrested.




Jewish cemetery Zeeburg daubed with swastikas

The outer wall of the Jewish cemetery Zeeburg in Amsterdam East was plastered with swastikas on Saturday afternoon. Enforcement has immediately arrested the perpetrator yesterday afternoon.


This is reported by board members of the Stichting Eerherstel Joodse Begraafplaats Zeeburg. In addition to the swastika, letters were found on the wall. For the time being, it is unknown what these should mean. As soon as the daubing was noticed, the graffiti was removed. Nothing is known yet about the motive of the perpetrator.


The cemetery is the final resting place where some eighty percent of the Amsterdam Jews found their final resting place between 1714 and 1914. Some 100,000 people would be buried, making it the largest Jewish cemetery in the Netherlands. About ten years ago, an initiative was launched to renovate parts of the heavily neglected cemetery. Moroccan, Christian and Jewish young people together restored a number of tombstones of the enormous terrain and made about twenty per cent passable again. From April to October, the place can be visited every first Sunday of the month.



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  1. “The perpetrator was arrested.”

    Was the perp a muslim?

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