Democrat Party

Conservatives hope the Dems keep up their open borders rhetoric come election time…….


Once the Democrat party gave themselves over to their lunatic base of radical Marxists, there’s no pushing the toothpaste back into the tube, this is what they’re stuck with, and no sane person should ever trust them with any meaningful leadership role again.


John Hinderaker @ PowerlineBlog


I am on vacation for a few days, so posting has been and will continue to be light until the weekend. For now, I just want to highlight this Michael Ramirez cartoon that I think sums up very well the Democrats’ disastrous decision to advocate the abolition of ICE. In other words, the total refusal to enforce any immigration laws, and the loss of our sovereignty as a people. How many think that is a good idea? A tiny minority. But the Democratic Party, having run out of plausible policy positions, has been taken over by the goofy left. It will reap the fruits of its abdication of sanity in November.

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