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Western Europe’s disconnect on Islamic antisemitism: From Sweden to Germany, Europe’s justice system fails its Jewish citizenry……..


Anyone claiming to be anti-antisemitism and openly clamors for mass migration of Muslim settlers into the West, is a liar…



From Sweden to Germany, Europe’s justice system fails its Jewish citizenry.


This past week, a Swedish court found two “Palestinians” and a Syrian guilty of attempting to set fire to Sweden’s second largest synagogue through use of petrol bombs. The terrorist attack occurred on December 9, 2017 in the city of Gothenburg, and though no one was hurt, some 20 people present in the synagogue at the time of the attack were briefly forced to seek shelter in the synagogue’s cellar.


Two of the perpetrators received two years in prison for their respective roles in the hate crime while a third was sentenced to one year and three months. The punishment meted out by the court represents a travesty of justice and is nothing short of farcical. In the United States, a similar crime would have resulted in far greater punishment.


Under the New York Penal Law for example, this form of arson would have generated a term of between 5 to 25 years. In other words, had these criminals committed the crime in New York, their minimum sentence would have been more than double than what was handed down by the Swedish court. The meek and utterly pathetic Swedish sentence demonstrates a persistent unwillingness on the part of Sweden’s political and judicial echelons to address the growing problem of anti-Semitic hate crimes committed by Sweden’s migrant population.


But Sweden is not unique in this regard. All over “enlightened Europe,” Islamic antisemitism and concomitant violence is on the rise and European courts have routinely treated such cases with dismissive nonchalance.


In Germany, a Berlin court convicted a 19-year-old Syrian migrant of “insult and grievous bodily harm” for his role in an anti-Semitic assault, and sentenced him to four weeks detention. But because he had already been detained pending the trial, the court credited him with time served and thus permitted him to walk free.


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