Finland Pseudo Conservatives

Finland’s pseudo conservative researcher Charly Pasternak:”Hey Fox News, we’ve ‘compassionate conservatism’ going on here”…….


This underlines the points I’ve been making over the years, that there’s no real conservative party in Finland, let alone in Scandinavia…


Sorry Charly says:


This doesn’t mean that I don’t support any politician or party, there are many people here who know that the welfare state is bunk, financially oppressive and leads to excesses against the individual, it’s just that it’s an amazingly slow process to ween people off the idea that the nanny state is the means by which inequality in society is addressed.


This researcher is a clod, all that time spent in institutions of ‘higher learning’ has made him into a fool. What explains his nonsensical thumping of his chest at Fox News in the run-up to the planned Trump-Putin summit, in that he has no understanding of the US founding, its constitution and differences between democracies and a constitutional republic. He’s apparently clueless to the fact that a social democracy is at odds with the US system, it’s founding document, the very thinking of the founders and framers of the country.


It’s US constitutionalism vs. statism of the Nordics.


The wide dispersion (as much as possible) of concentrated power away from a centralized government in a constitutional republic, or the centralization of concentrated power as in European socialist democracies. It’s the reason why the US does not have a national police force, and the Europeans do. Politicization in the police force occurs in both systems, but in the former has a much more difficult time in spreading while in the latter they just issue their marching orders.


I could go on and on but you get the idea, that the US is not a democracy but a republic, and for a good reason, the best form of government is one that’s closest to the people, socialist democracies steer power away from the people and concentrate it among its political class. In spite of all the roadblocks built within the US governing system. The Democrats unfortunately have been amazingly successful is changing large chunks of the US government into functioning in the same way as their European counterparts, hence the swamp.

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