Ami Horowitz interviews senior Hamas commander (terrorist) Abdul Rahman Zidan: Horowitz humor and Hamas honesty ensues…….


Slam dunk of interviews…


He manages to get this (devout) Muslim to open up and say exactly what he thinks. It’s exactly what I’ve been saying for years, something of which no ‘expert on the ME’ has been able to counter, that being:

How can the terrorist organization Hamas, whose very existence is predicated upon the complete destruction of the other (Israel), acknowledge the other’s right to exist which completely invalidates it’s own founding and continued justification for existing ..?

Also, the Hamas Islamonazi makes it a point to inform that he’s a devout Muslim. Another point worth making is the fact that Ami was warned not to make mention of his being a Jew, not an Israeli, but a Jew.



H/T: Israellycool: “Filmmaker Ami Horowitz has a gift for making one laugh at the same time as feeling supremely uncomfortable – all while making some very important important points.”

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