Buffoonery Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Presidential mosaic portrait contains pic of Afghani asylum seeker…….


”I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together”



So asylum/refugee frauds coming from the Middle East are just like Sauli. Ok, I got it.


President Niinistö’s portrait finds a piece of the asylum seeker’s face: “I wish we Finns would see asylum seekers as an opportunity, not a threat”

There is at least one hidden message in the likeness by a hundred artists.

Päivi Koskinen is currently working on a new project in Singapore, where she will answer YLE questions. Koskinen was raised today on Tuesday at the center of discussions because he has surpassed Sauli Niinistö’s recent portrait with surprising details, namely the face of Afghanistan’s asylum seeker Sadiq Bahrooz.

Koskinen got to know Bahroozi a year ago.

– I was ashamed to find out how much the asylum seekers had to face in Finland and how humble, for example, that Sadiq had encountered this hostility.

Bahrooz is currently working in the Sello library. He was also organizing asylum seekers’ demonstrations in the spring 2017 at Rautatientori in Helsinki. In addition, Bahrooz has organized events with the City of Sello and Espoo where the Ambassador of Afghanistan from Sweden has arrived from Stockholm to Finland so that asylum seekers in Finland can apply for a passport of their former home country.

– Sadiq asked me to take a picture for  a passport for free. Of course, I was happy to do something concrete for asylum seekers. During the shooting days I met really pleasant asylum seekers and families, Päivi Koskinen remembers.


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