Obama Obama Administration WMD

Change – Obama by WMDRock -Weapon of Musical Defense……..


Obama the human wrecking ball…….


You do not fundamentally transform anything that you love, you nurture and protect it. Obama hates the founding of the US, its Framers, their constitution and the country they created.


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  1. OBONZO is a piece f shit with no idea on how to run anything. He couldn’t be a dog catcher with his capacity. Loser OBONZO owes ITALY over 00 BILLION dollars for the INFILTRATOR crisis he single handidly casued by pukking the troops out of IRAQ with NO plan B. Ignorant piece of shit pay up. USe some of the proceeds from your book deal and Netflix deala s a deposit to ITALY for what you will remember for and created all by yourself you LOSER.

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