Fighting Back Islam in France

French mayor identifies root cause of high-immigration/poverty crisis…..Islam


Anything it (Islam) comes into contact with turns to crap and is eventually destroyed…


‘Islam is the problem!’ French mayor says government plan to tackle poverty ignores root of crisis

A government blueprint for addressing poverty, unemployment and crime in France’s poorest, high-immigration suburbs ignores Islam’s role in the growing social crisis, a controversial mayor has said.

Robert Menard, mayor of the southern town of Béziers and an ally of Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration and Euroskeptic National Front party, said on Friday that a government initiative aimed at alleviating France’s urban poverty failed to identify the roots of the problem. A video with a part of his appearance on a show, on France’s LCI channel, has been published online.


Menard said that projects designed to revitalize the country’s suffering suburbs have largely focused on cosmetic changes. Menard noted that even after a troubled neighborhood in his town had received 130 million euros for a new housing project, the situation did not improve.


“It has never been as much a ghetto and apartheid as now!” Menard insisted.


When another guest suggested that “we finished the real estate – now we have to take care of the jobs, public services, and all the rest,” Menard shot back: “But that’s not the problem! The problem in those neighborhoods is Islam.” The mayor then invited his fellow television guests to look for themselves. “Where do you live? Go into those neighborhoods and you’ll see,” he added.


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