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Finland: Morons in city governments pushing ‘carbon neutral’ policies due to government ‘failure’…….


So stuck on stupid, it’s full steam ahead and facts be damned…



Carbon neutrality pans under fire


Several Finnish cities have declared targets for a carbon neutral future, with Turku the latest to set a date for balancing the carbon account. Helsingin Sanomat takes a critical look at the trend, suggesting that cities probably can’t take up the slack when national governments fail to act.


The paper asks Seppo Junnila and Sanna Ala-Mantila, researchers from Aalto University, to examine Helsinki’s plan to reach a carbon neutral situation. They had several criticisms. Firstly, the plan excludes two thirds of the city’s carbon footprint, focusing only on emissions that occur within the city limits. That means they have a lot on transport but little on food production, for example.


Helsinki’s direct powers to affect external emissions is limited, they acknowledge, but municipalities and local governments could instead offer considerably more information than they do at the moment. That would be one concrete way to influence consumption, with residents offered a carbon analysis of different choices they might make in their daily lives and encouraged to choose the option with the lowest carbon ‘price’.



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