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Austria: Government to ban campaigning for Turkish elections…….


In other words, no more stumping for the dictator Erdogan on Austrian soil…


Austria to ban campaigning for Turkish elections

Austria to ban campaigning for Turkish elections
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Photo: AFP
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Friday his government would act to prevent any possible campaigning on Austrian soil by parties in Turkey’s upcoming snap general election.

Any campaign events would “not be welcome” and would not be allowed, Kurz said in an interview with Ö1 radio.


“The Turkish leadership under Erdogan has for years tried to instrumentalise communities of Turkish origin in Europe; this has been the case for Erdogan’s campaign events and those of his supporters,” Kurz said.


Earlier this week Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan called snap elections for June 24th, bringing the polls forward by a year-and-a-half.


The election will hasten the transition to a new presidential system — which critics fear will mark the start of one man rule — due to come into force after the polls.


Kurz said any campaign events could be banned using changes to the law on public gatherings passed last year.


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