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Hugh Fitzgerald @ Jihad Watch: In Stillwater, Oklahoma, What You Can Learn On Open Mosque (beachhead) Day…….


Beachheads of dawa and subversion…


Hugh Fitzgerald: In Stillwater, Oklahoma, What You Can Learn On Open Mosque Day

“Open Mosque Day offers many first glimpse into Islam,” by David Bitton, CNHI News Oklahoma, April 15, 2018:

People of all faiths were welcomed with warm smiles and open arms last Sunday as the Islamic Center of Stillwater participated in a statewide Open Mosque Day.
In addition to being able to show off their new facility at 616 N. Washington St., the program was set up so speakers could educate guests about Islam and the Muslim faith in a comfortable setting.
Guests also had the opportunity to sample food and drink from around the world.

At these Open Mosque events, the free food — offering a sample of exotic foods from Moroccan tajines and couscous to Pakistani curries and Indonesian rijstaffel — is not only about food, but is a central instrument for breaking down any potential resistance of visitors, putting them in the right festive mood to accept the presentation of Islam that they will be offered, grateful to their attentive hosts who, in piling high their guests’ plates with exotic offerings, know exactly what they are doing, in reducing their guests’ mental defenses against taqiyya. The modus operandi is to envelop the visitors in an atmosphere of warmth, sincerity, friendship, comfort; the food and drink “from around the world” never fails to help.

After Natarianto Indrawan sang Adhan – the Muslim call to prayer – Habeeb Idress explained to the audience that Muslims pray five times a day.
“Prayer is a private dialogue between you and Allah,” Idress said.
The audience watched as rows of standing men knelt down, bowed and touched their foreheads to the ground over and over again.


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