Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism

PA Arabs in Jenin attempt to lynch two IDF soldiers that strayed into their midst, thankfully rescued……


This is what happened the last time two Israeli soldiers were successfully lynched, they were torn limb from limb…


Lynch Attempt on Two Soldiers, 1 Female, in Jenin

Two soldiers drove their military vehicle by accident into the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Jenin, and were soon after attacked by a mob of Arabs that threw stones at their vehicle and brutally attacked the soldiers, especially the female soldier.


The soldiers sustained multiple bodily injuries, particularly to their face and heads.


One of their IDF issued rifles, which neither used, was stolen.


The two soldiers made it to the Jalameh crossing, where they were met by MDA medical teams.


According to family members of one of the soldiers, it was the PA police who instigated the lynch and stole the gun.

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