Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Arab propaganda Finnish media YLE

YLE complains about Aishi Zidan (now Rocket-Bra) being subjected to examination after chest fails to pass security……..


Eh….You mean to tell me that no other Arab, or a person of half Arab descent, were allowed into the event?


This is one of those incidents where the truth never manages to catch up to the lie quick enough. Something in her bra set off suspicion so she was subjected to a more thorough search. Did you ever get caught up in a TSA search at the airport? Place this incident in that context. If Bra-Girl was at the airport and tried the same stunt, she wouldn’t get on the plane, nor would any other woman.


Yle however is trying to deflect from the poor choice made by their narrative dispenser (Rocket-Bra Aishi Zidan) by making a big stink about Israeli security measures which are already well known. If you fail them, or deny to undergo them, you’re not getting in. It’s as simple as that, and for good reason, terrorists learn from episodes like this and figure out ways to beat security. If trained professionals treat everyone in the exact same way, it decreases the chances of a successful attack.


Simply put, Rocket-Bra failed her employer, and both are now using standard Israeli security measures as a means to conjure up outrage and into an international event. What utter nonsense.


YLE correspondent was called to undress in Israel – Yle: “We do not accept the treatment of our journalist”

– She works ethically with the highest journalistic principles and is similar to any foreign journalist, says YLE’s chief of foreign affairs.
YLE Broadcasting does not accept the treatment of its journalist at the office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Yle’s Middle East correspondent Aishi Zidan was denied access to US Vice President Mike Pence’s arrival in Jerusalem, Israel, at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjanhu’s office on Monday, January 22, when she refused to undress at the security checks. Elina Ravantti, head of the overseas mission, said the treatment was unfortunate and the case was very serious.

– We do not accept the treatment of our journalist in the way they have done, Ravantti says to STT .

Zidan was screened in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel by hand and a metal detector. Then she was instructed to undress the undergarment from under the dress.

ZIDAN REFUSED , then was refused access to the event. Ravantti regards the actions by security officials as completely unprofessional.


The events have been reported by the Israeli journalist association FPA, which was transmitted by the international media. The FPA accused Israel of journalist’s ethnic profiling.


Aishi Zidan has a Palestinian father.


– She is a Finnish citizen and has attended school in Finland. He works ethically the highest journalistic principles and is just like any foreign journalist there, says Ravantti.


Ravantti does not say whether or not Yle has objected to the treatment of its journalist, for example, to the Israeli authorities.


– Yle has reacted with all available means, Ravantti says.


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