Iran: Zebibah bump general says ”everything for the liberation of Palestine is ready”……..


Bigger the ‘bump’, the more hardcore and very delusional the Islamonazi…


Everything ready for liberation of Palestine: general

January 23, 2018

TEHRAN – Everything is ready for the liberation of Palestine, an Iranian general said on Monday, calling the Palestinian people to unite to defeat Israel, Mehr reported.


“As the Supreme Leader has said, efforts should be made to arm the West Bank, because efforts in this regard would lead to the collapse of Israel,” said Ahmad Vahidi, president of the Supreme National Defense University of Iran.


He added should the Palestinian nation be armed, they can form a liberation army and decide their own fate by their strong will.



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  1. Obviously his frontal lobes have turned to mush from years of non-stop head banging. Someone needs to sit him down and have a serious discussion about his delusions of grandeur.

    1. And the Swedes think that you can just sit down with anyone and reason with them.

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