Islam in Belgium mosques

Belgium: Grand Islamic Beachhead (mosque) a hotbed of fanatical headbangers…….


It’s Islam 101 that’s extremest, the most basic fundamental element of that disastrous desert ideology…


The Great Mosque in Brussels is under threat over claims of Saudi extremism



Just a stone’s throw from the gleaming glass and granite offices of the European Union in Brussels is the city’s Great Mosque. It can host 2,000 people in its prayer room, and its Friday service is live-streamed around the country.


However, some lawmakers say the mosque is an Islamist hub, and indirectly to blame for the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks.


They are urging the government to take it over and root out what they say is a poisonous religious fanaticism.


As Belgium tries to balance religious freedom with national security, there are fears the row could escalate frictions between Muslims and the rest of the country.


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