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Finland: Somali women complain of being stared at while at bus stops…….


I guess that I was a ”victim of racism’ while visiting Africa in the 70’s, not only having natives staring intensely at me, but even touching and/or poking my skin…


Before we get all teary eyed, there’s a possible reason why these women are being stared at by the local ethnic Finnish population, they’re never quite know what the Somalis are going to do next.


Somali women complain of being stared at while at bus stops


According to a researcher, EU Agency for Fundamental Rights gives a rough picture of discrimination against African-born people in Finland.


Anu Isotalo, a researcher from the Faculty of Law at the University of Turku, writes about the FRA’s recent research on the Fundamental Rights Agency at the Turun Sanomat . There were 502 interviewees in the Helsinki metropolitan area, whose roots were from sub-Saharan Africa.


– In a European comparison, Finland is the leader of discrimination against people from these regions. 45% of respondents reported having experienced discrimination because of their background. One third of the interviewees were from Somalia to Finland or their offspring.


The study also examined the experiences of harassment and discrimination in public transport. The annoyance was due to skin color, ethnic background, or religion, which lasted one in every five years.


In the previous comparative study, women especially described the repeated harassment on the street. H/T: 

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