France Islam in the UK MUSLIM SETTLERS UK

France tries to blackmail Brits into taking more Muslim settlers as it seeks to rewrite Brexit deal…….


Sh**hole politics…


France tells Britain to take in MORE migrants and pay for MORE security at Calais as it seeks to rewrite border deal


  • Minister Gerard Collomb said Britain should pay more and take in more migrants
  • French want Le Touquet migration agreement between Blair and Chirac updated
  • France will do everything to help refugees but ‘can’t take in economic migrants’


France will this week urge Britain to take in more migrants and pay a larger cost towards policing them as part of a revision of the so-called Le Touquet agreement.


It was in 2003 that Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Jacques Chirac signed the historic document that revolutionised border controls in Channel ports.


It meant moving the French frontier to the south coast of England, and the UK frontier to northern France.


But with Brexit approaching, and the number of Britain-bound asylum seekers in ports such as Calais growing, the French want Le Touquet to be updated.

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