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Daniel Greenfield: Twitter suspends ex-Muslim cartoonist Bosch Fawstin instead of Hamas or Hezbollah…….


This is the Orwellian world we live in today…




Hamas has a Twitter account. It links directly to the website of a terrorist organization responsible for murdering thousands of people. And which advocates genocide. Al Aqsa TV, Hamas’ tv channel, also has its own Twitter account.


Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV also has several Twitter accounts.


Both of these are recognized terrorist organizations. Hamas is listed as a FTO terrorist group by the State Department. Providing services to it as Twitter does, may be illegal.


But Hamas and Hezbollah are a few of the many Islamic terrorist organizations and supporters who are active on Twitter. But while Twitter has no problem with terrorists. It does have a problem with those who criticize them.


Bosch Fawstin, an ex-Muslim critic who was targeted in the first ISIS attack in America, has been suspended by Twitter.


More here.

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