Canadian senate purges the word ‘barbaric’ from anti-FGM law, sponsor says it ‘insults’ cultures in Canada…….


I deem the German National Socialist culture, the Russian Soviet culture, Mao’s Chinese revolution culture, the Khmer Rouge’s Cambodian culture (and on and on and on) to have been barbaric.


Senate passes bill to remove mention of ‘barbaric cultural practices’ from Harper-era law

In a speech introducing her bill, Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer said the use of the term ‘barbaric’ is ‘insulting to cultures in Canada’



OTTAWA — The Senate has approved a bill that would remove mention of “barbaric cultural practices” from a law that outlaws forced marriage.


Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer introduced the bill in December 2015, shortly after the Liberals won the federal election and less than six months after the previous Conservative government passed the so-called “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act” into law.


In a speech introducing her bill — which does nothing more than remove the title of that law — Jaffer said the use of the term “barbaric” is “insulting to cultures in Canada.”


“Can we reasonably call terrorists barbaric? Yes. Are certain acts against humanity barbaric? Yes. Would any reasonable person agree with these points? Yes. Do I agree with these points? Yes,” she said at the time.


“The issue here, frankly, is the pairing of the words ‘barbaric’ and ‘cultural.’ By pairing these two words, we are instead removing the agency from the individual committing an action that is clearly wrong and associating it instead with a cultural group at large. We are implying that these practices are part of cultures and that these cultures are barbaric.”


More here.   H/T: Robert Spencer @ Jihad Watch

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