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Finland: Jussi Halla-aho on African population explosion, “How will Europe react to the greatest phenomenon of this century…..?


Now imagine all of the money, taxpayers’ hard earned money, blown on the African continent over the past 6-7 decades, much of it going to foreign bank accounts of those who fill the ranks of regimes that pilfer the natural resources of their people.


It’s an intractable situation since tribalism and clans keep the people from identifying as a nation, and with no basic civil society, how are decent governments to form? Couple that with the destruction of the nation states of Europe thanks to EU elitists. It has all the making of a perfect storm set to envelope the entire continent during this century. If Europe doesn’t get its act together, enforce border security, reject socialism and enact more sound policies vis-a-vis the African continent, we’re all doomed.


Jussi Halla-aho raises a startling figure on Africa: “How will Europe react to the greatest phenomenon of this century?”

Jussi Halla-aho talks about African population growth as a significant phenomenon of this century.



Jussi Halla-aho, European Parliament Speaker and chairman of The Finns party, raised an issue in Aamulehti’s interview of the phenomenon which, in his view, Europe is experiencing and the whole world in this century.


“It is estimated that in this century Africa’s population will grow from the current billion to even four billion, which simply means that migration pressure will grow exponentially this century,” Halla-aho says.


The UN Population Report issued in June 2017 confirms that the population of Africa may grow from about 1.2 billion people today to 4.4 billion by 2100.


Halla-aho estimates refugee and immigration pressure from the south of the Mediterranean for the whole century, unless Africa’s birth rate falls and economic growth creates jobs for young people on the continent.


– It’s no longer Syrian refugees that’s in question. What drives people to move is poverty: poverty-stricken hopelessness and lack of vision in the home country. What sustains poverty is a massive population growth, a population explosion in Africa.


“It is about how European countries can react to the great phenomenon of this century so that Europe can preserve its own character and rescue European society from this pressure,” Halla-aho says.


According to UN statistics, birth rates per woman in Africa in 2010-2015 were as high as 4.7 children. The birth rate of the country has fallen to the point: in 2000-2005, the birth rate per woman in Africa was 5.1 children.


In Europe, a woman generates on an average of 1.6 children, leading to the graying of the population of the continent.


In Africa, the situation is completely the opposite, but Halla-aho estimates that many Africans still dream of living in Europe.


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